What are Adriana’s Insurance Services?

Adriana’s Insurance is an agency that offers coverage options for drivers in the Southern California region. Whether new teen drivers or drivers with checkered driving histories, Adriana’s offers unique solutions for a broad range of risk profiles.

Adriana’s Insurance services also guarantee that they will secure their customers the best rate by negotiating terms with carriers and offering good driver discounts to their policyholders.

For Southern California residents who are seeking a local insurance provider, Adriana’s Insurance Services offers a broad range of solutions. Featuring auto, home, and life insurance policies with bilingual staff, Adriana’s Insurance has served residents of Southern California for more than 25 years.

Adriana’s Insurance services shops around on behalf of customers to find the lowest rate for their policies. If you are seeking affordable coverage, Adriana’s Insurance may be an option for auto, life, and homeowners insurance policies.

Adriana’s Car Insurance

Adriana’s Insurance Services is not a provider. It is an agency that helps drivers find the least expensive auto insurance options in California. The agency is particularly focused on assisting high-risk drivers. As such, this agency could be a good choice for drivers who are unsure where to start for comparing rates and options for coverage.

Adriana’s may be able to help drivers secure the following types of coverage:

Liability auto insurance:

This coverage provides, at minimum,  the basic required coverages stipulated by California state law in a covered accident. This type of coverage is for bodily injury and physical property damage in a covered accident.

Full coverage auto insurance:

This policy includes comprehensive, theft and collision coverages to further protect drivers.

Windshield replacement:

An optional coverage add-on, allows drivers to recover costs for replacement services to their windshield.

Roadside assistance:

Drivers can sign up for roadside assistance coverage through Adriana’s Insurance to receive emergency assistance should they experience a breakdown or accident.

Adriana’s Insurance Services For Cars

Adriana’s Insurance offers a full range of services, including helping Californians find options for:

  • Business insurance
  • Classic car insurance
  • Commercial insurance
  • Events insurance
  • Mexico travel insurance
  • Rideshare insurance
  • RV insurance

Adriana’s offers DMV services, such as registration renewals and title transfers. The company also offers traffic school options that may help to reduce moving violation fees or points assessed after a traffic violation in California.

Adriana’s Insurance Services Discounts

There is not much information available regarding the available discounts for auto insurance policies from Adriana’s Insurance. However, the company does state that it provides discounts for good drivers.

For specific details about how good driver discounts work through Adriana’s Insurance, customers will need to request an auto insurance quote and speak to an agent.

What are Adriana’s Insurance Services

Adriana’s Home Insurance

California residents who are seeking homeowners insurance may find a broad range of options at Adriana’s Insurance. This company offers a wide variety of coverages for homeowners and renters living in several different dwelling types.

While the company does not list any available discounts for policyholders, it does guarantee the lowest available rates on all homeowner’s and renter’s insurance products.

In some cases, it can be difficult to find an insurance provider willing to cover the specific type of home in which you live.

Adriana’s Insurance offers many different coverage options that may be suitable for a wide range of home types. Available coverages include:

Homeowners coverage:

Protect your dwelling and personal property with standard homeowners coverage.

Hazard insurance:

This policy includes coverage for basic fire hazards, allowing customers to file claims following a covered fire event in their home.

Flood damage:

A flood damage policy can help to cover losses in cases where covered flooding issues cause damage to your home.


Whether you rent or own your condo, Adriana’s Insurance provides policies that may offer the protection you need for your personal property.

Mobile homes:

Many insurance providers do not offer mobile home policies due to the increased risk profile, but Adriana’s could be an option for those living in modular or mobile homes.

Specialty homes:

If you live in a specialty home with unique coverage requirements, Adriana’s Insurance may be able to find the policy and protection you need.

Adriana’s Home Insurance Discounts

There is no available information regarding the discounts on homeowner’s policies through Adriana’s Insurance. However, the goal of this company is to provide you with the lowest rate in the region, and they guarantee that their customers will receive the lowest rate possible.

Adriana’s Home services

Adriana’s does not list any additional home services on the website, but condo and mobile home insurance is an option for those who need specialized coverages.

Adriana’s life insurance

When Southern California residents are seeking life insurance solutions, Adriana’s Insurance may be an option. Adriana’s offers a  couple of different life insurance options based on individual needs. However, Adriana’s does not offer as wide of a selection of life insurance options as many other providers.

Term life insurance:

These policies are designed to offer flexible coverage for a set timeframe. Compared to other life insurance options, the premiums are typically lower for term life insurance policies, and most term life insurance products offer living benefits as well.

Permanent life insurance:

This insurance option provides coverage for the policyholder’s entire life, as long as premiums are paid. These policies can also combine the death benefits offered by traditional life insurance products with the ability to accumulate cash value.

Adriana’s Life Insurance Services

Adriana does not list additional services related to life insurance.

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