Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund – Ehsaas Interest Free Loan Program 2021 – PPAF

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund
Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

Government of Pakistan
Cabinet Secretariat
Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division
Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

Interest Free Loan Programme

An Integral Component of National Poverty Graduation Initiative (NPGI)

Process of Loan Application

The interest Free Loan Programme is being implemented through 22 Partner Organizations (POs) of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation ( PPAF ) in rural areas and Akhuwat branch offices in cities & towns through loan centers in 100 districts across the country. The information for districts, loan centers, names of
implementing Partner Organizations (POs) and eligibility criteria for potential borrowers is provided at;

Application Process
• Request at loan center (written or oral)
Verification of Poverty Score Card
• Registration as a potential borrower
• Issuing of application form and business plan form
• Submission of complete documents by the applicant
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Process of Loan Application

Preparation of Business Plan
• Collect basic information about the business which is being initiated
• Reasons for business
• Targets of production and sale
• Marketing strategy
• Business expenses
• Cost estimation for the proposed business
• Financial resources
Estimation of Profit

Beneficiary Appraisal Process
• Social Appraisal
• Economic Appraisal

Approval Process for Loan
• Review by Loan Center
• Recommendation by Loan Center
Submission of recommended cases to PO head office

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  1. Disbursement to Beneficiary
    • Approval of recommended cases
    • Issuance of order cheques carrying names and CNIC of the borrowers or issuance of PIN number against electronic transfer that is verified be bank through original CNIC
    • Disbursement at Loan Center

For more information on the Interest Free Loan Programme contact here
Mr. Farid Sabir
General Manager
Interest Free Loan Programme

Mr. Shafqat Aziz
Communications & Media Officer

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund
Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

Find Address of Your Nearest Loan Center and Phone Number of Concerned Focal Person Click Here

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