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New Zealand Work Visa
New Zealand Work Visa

Workers, which are from outside of New Zealand, can live and work in New Zealand with their families. They have the option to migrate via New Zealand working visa either. Visitors cannot work on a tourist visa. Therefore, candidates need to get a work permit. New Zealand immigration allows foreign workers to work on a temporary or long-term basis. Usually, job seekers who are outside from New Zealand want to know about the easiest way. Because there are various categories of the work permit. Hence, in this blog, I am sharing some details about the long-term skill shortage work visa of New Zealand, because its requirements are very low.

Work Visa requirement

Work visa offers candidates a pathway to get New Zealand permanent residence. To qualify for this visa, you will need to have the specific qualification, work experience, a job offer, and occupational registration in New Zealand. In addition, your age at the time of the application should be under 55 years. You can work in New Zealand for more than thirty months under this visa. However, you can apply for a New Zealand permanent residence after two years, if working in the same occupation. In addition, your occupation should be on the long-term skill shortage list at the time of your residence application. So, let us have a look at the skill shortage list.

Skill Shortage List

According to a list that allows candidates to evaluate their eligibility for a New Zealand, work visa under this migrant class. The long-term skill shortage list reflects the labor shortage in specific occupations all over New Zealand. The list also includes details and requirements about the absolute skill shortage areas of New Zealand’s economy. Therefore, you can easily check if your profession is on the long-term skill shortage list. Besides, you can go through the eligibility and requirements of the occupation.

However, overseas qualifications need to be comparable with the New Zealand qualification framework standards. Therefore, you may require a qualification examination from New Zealand’s authority. However, some occupations have exemption and do not require an scrutiny. Hence, you need to check your occupational requirements on the long-term skill shortage list.

New Zealand immigration reviews and updates the long-term skill shortage list every six months. This means that the authorities may add or remove some occupations from the list. Usually, long-term skill shortage list includes occupational groups such as;

Health & Social Services
Information Technology
Hospitality & Tourism
Electrical Trades
Mechanical Trades

How to get a Job Offer from New Zealand

If you want to get New Zealand work visa under the long-term skill shortage category then you need to get a full-time job offer. You can find a New Zealander employer online. Many websites are displaying the current job positions such as;

Apply Link

Seek Co NZ
Trade me NZ
NZ indeed

Therefore, you can search for an employer who is currently hiring. Read the job description properly and ensure you are a suitable candidate for that vacancy. Visit the company or employer’s site to collect their work-related details and tailor your resume accordingly.

Your employment contract must include your complete details, employer’s details, work and pay details. Make sure the job offer is genuine. Otherwise, the consequence will bring rejection and financial loss to you.

Merit Criteria

After getting a job offer, then you have to meet the criteria for eligibility. For that purpose, you need to visit the long-term skill shortage work visa official page.

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You will see a tab ‘Check Criteria’, click on that. In the drop-menu, fill in your nationality and location details. Then hit on the ‘view’ tab. It will redirect you to another page where you will see the program’s eligibility nine factors and their detail. Such as;

Genuine Intention
Job offer
Work Experience
Occupational registration

Evaluation of Qualification

Most important factor for this program. Many candidates are interested to apply for a New Zealand Work visa. However, they feel so confused to know whether they need qualification assessment or not. If it does not exempt your occupation, then you can apply for qualification assessment online. However, you can easily check by visiting the official site as below;


Qualifications Exempt from Assessment
Processing Time
After completing the initial steps. Then, you will need to launch your visa application online. Enclose your supporting documents scan copies with the application. Then, pay the fees online and remember it is non-refundable, if your visa application declines.

The processing time is four months for the long-term skill shortage work visa applications.

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