Mobilink Microfinance Bank Loan | Fori Cash Loan

Mobilink Microfinance Bank Loan| Fori Cash Loan
Mobilink Microfinance Bank Loan| Fori Cash Loan

Mobilink Microfinance Bank Loan

Product Description

Individual loans will cater to urban markets & rural market. Micro enterprises/traders/farmers engaged in production/manufacturing, processing, marketing/selling/trading of goods and services for developing, expanding and managing established/new business activities:

Provision of working capital supporting normal micro enterprises. This will include purchase of raw material, inventory and other services to boost production of goods and services within the existing business.

Provision of loans for purchasing various assets. These assets will be used in income generating activities of enterprise.

Agricultural activities covering purchase of agriculture inputs, tunnel farming, tools, implements, assets & working capital.

Livestock involving, farming, milking, rearing, fattening, trading, working capital, tools & implements and related asset purchases

Loan Amount

Minimum Rs.25,000/-

Maximum Rs.350,000/-

Loan Tenure

Up to 12 Months

Basic Requirements

Minimum 2 years’ experience of running business

For salaried: 1-year permanent employment status with current employer

Self Employed Persons: 1-year

Income Net of Business expenses Rs. 1,200,000

Age between 25-58 years (1st loan cycle) 25-60 years (2nd and 3rd loan cycle).

Residing or working in launching cities for at least 2 years

Basic Requirements

Copy of Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), SNIC.

01 recent passport size photographs of the Customer

Proof of running business place & ownership

Satisfactory Cash Flow

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3 Months Salary Slip duly attested by Employer (in case of Salary Class)

6 Months Bank Statement duly attested by relevant bank

Not defaulter of any financial institution

Latest filed Tax Returns if annual income (net of business expenses) exceeds Rs. 600,000/-


Gold/Gold Ornaments


As per Latest SOC


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Mobilink Microfinance Bank Loan

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