Italy Work Visa for Pakistani 2022 Apply Online

Are you growing your business internationally and establishing operation in Italy work visa for Pakistani? If yes it’s likely that you’ll be building a strong team by moving some of your current employees as well as recruiting new employees overseas. If this is the case most members of the team will have to apply for a visa to legally work and live in Italy.

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Italy Work Visa for Pakistani and Permits

Are you expanding your business globally and is now establishing its operation in Italy work visa for Pakistani? If yes it’s likely you’ll build a skilled team by relocating employees who are already there and recruiting new employees from in the foreign country. If this is the case most members of the team will have to apply for a visa to legally reside and work in Italy.

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Types of Italy Work Visa for Pakistani

As an official country that is a member of the European Union (EU), Italy permits citizens of other EU members to Italy work visa for Pakistani without a Visa or Permit. People from countries that are part of the European Economic Area (EEA) are also able to perform work within Italy. Anyone who is not EU or EEA citizens must have an Italy work visa for Pakistani, also known as Nulla Osta. Nulla Osta.

In Italy work visa for Pakistani is classified as the Long-Stay Visa, which could also be known in the form of National as well as a D-Visa. It’s crucial to know that an Italian work visa only permits workers to travel to Italy. For them to stay in Italy it is necessary to apply for a residence permit at the time of the arrival.

Conditions to Apply for Italy Work Visas

The citizens of countries that are not part of those of the EU and EEA are required to hold an employment opportunity in Italy before submitting an application to get the Italian working visa. They’ll also require a work permit that employers must submit with the help of documents supplied by the employee.

In addition to the form for an application for a working permit in Italy the employees of your company will require the following documents:

  • An original copy of the completed employment contract
  • It is the original Nulla Osta and an additional copy
  • A passport consisting of 2 blank pages valid for at least 3 months after the expiration of the visa
  • Photos of passports
  • A completed Italian Long-Stay Visa Application form
  • A proof of sufficient financial resources and lodging in Italy and payment of visa fees
  • Diplomas and other certificates that are deemed to be qualifying

Application Process

  • The process for obtaining an Nulla Osta starts with the offer of a position in Italy. The steps needed to obtain a work visa:
  • The employer is required to apply for a work permit through the immigration office of the province of their choice. Italian province.
  • When the work permit is granted and issued, the employer must send this to employees. The employer will inform the Italian consulate or embassy where the employee can be able to apply for a work visa.
  • The employee downloads and fill out fill out the Italy work Visa for Pakistani Application Form, gather all the necessary documents, and then submit the application in person to the Italian consulate or embassy.
  • Should the Italian authorities are able to approve an application for a visa, the applicant will be given six months to obtain the visa to enter Italy.
  • Within 8 days of arriving in Italy The employee has to request an extra permit for remain. The permit is known as a permesso of soggiorno also known as a residence permit. The application is available from a postal office within Italy.

A Italy work visa for Pakistani may be valid for a maximum of two years based on the contract of employment However, it is able to be renewed for upto five years.

Other Important Considerations

One of the most important considerations when applying for the work visa to work in Italy can be that the applications will only be not accepted for the period of a few months each time up to two years. The window for applying is according to the status of immigration as well as what is happening on the Italian labor market. There’s also a number of work permits that the Italian government issues during the specified time. Highly skilled workers may be exempted from the quotas, however they must undergo the necessary process of seeking the work visa and permit.

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Italy Work Visa for Pakistani 2022 Apply Online

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