Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan – Ihsan Trust Student Loan

Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan
Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan

Objective of Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan:

Raise the trendy of dwelling of the deprived and ignored sectors of the population. They layout to do this by using developing a sustainable machine for the well-being of these undeserved segments of society. Its goals include:
Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan:
Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan mortgage helps the terrible and needy via schooling by means of giving them loans barring any pastime which evokes the socio-economic upward shove of the low-income neighborhood and will increase the monetary prosperity of the society, and sooner or later Pakistan.

Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan For Student Scheme:

Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan pupil mortgage schemes assisting the needy and deserving college students of universities and expert builds of Pakistan thru interest-free academic loans.
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Ihsan Trust Qarz e Hasna:

Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan (IT) provides Qarz-e-Hasna to college students enrolled in greater training institutions. This interest-free pupil mortgage is supplied to companion college college students who can’t manage to pay for the price of greater education. So for these students, interest-free loans are given to the deserving student. Those precise scholar return loans returned from their salaries being made after schooling completion

Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan for Education:

IT determined to provide interest-free loans as an alternative of scholarships due to the fact interest-free loans are greater sustainable than scholarships. To emerge as a bridge for college students to whole their greater education, all that wishes to be achieved is to assist them whilst they study. After finishing the education, the character is secure ample to return the quantity invested in him/her, main Ihsan Trust to assist greater college students in the future.

Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan Scheme Selection Procedure:

Students should practice at the respective college After reviewing the applicant lists from instructional partners, Ihsan Trust conducts interviews to decide every student’s need. If the want is proper and the benefit lives up to the mark, Ihsan Trust approves the case and disburses the quantity to the college account. Isan Trust disburses the authorized mortgage without delay to the university’s account. Students start reimbursing a together agreed token quantity from the following month whilst studying.

Repayment Policy of Qarz-e-Hasna:

Qarz-e-Hasna sanctioned to the chosen pupil relies upon on their want and eligibility.

During the find out about period, the scholar has to pay a nominal quantity of token repayment (depending on the economic scenario of the candidates, the month-to-month profits of their parents/guardians) to the Ihsan Trust as reimbursement.

After finishing their education, the repayment quantity of the Qarz-e-Hasna will be adjusted in accordance to the earnings of the student.
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Required Documents:

1) Two (02) Recent passport size photographs
2) Copy of CNIC
3) Domicile certificate (Self)
4) Admission letter (for new admission)
5) Photocopies of all Educational Certificates / Degrees
6) Copies of last and latest (unpaid) fee vouchers / receipts of self and Siblings
7) Copy of latest unpaid fee vouch / fee ledger
8) Updated resume (C.V) self
9) Income Certificate / Pay-slip / Pension Book – Slip (if Applicable)
10) Income tax return of all family members
11) Bank statement of last six (06) months (latest) of all family members having an account
12) Photocopies of latest three (03) months paid utilities bills
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13) Copy of Rent / Tenancy Agreement (if applicable)
14) Death certificate (if / whenever applicable) of parents, siblings & spouse (if any)
15) Statement of purpose (SOP)* in life

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Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan
Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan

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Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan – Ihsan Trust Student Loan

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