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How To Make Money on Taskrabbit
How To Make Money on Taskrabbit

Can You Make Money As A Tasker?

TaskRabbit Review

“How To Make Money”TaskRabbit permits you to use your DIY capabilities to assist others and create an aspect hustle.There is achievable to earn a common of $35 per hour the use of your present expertise.


  • What is Taskrabbit?
  • Is Taskrabbit Legit?
  • How to Become a Taskrabbit Tasker
  • How Does Taskrabbit Work?
  • How Much Can You Earn on Taskrabbit?
  • Taskrabbit Alternatives
  • Taskrabbit Pros & Cons
  • Is TaskRabbit Worth Working For?
  • TaskRabbit FAQ

What is Taskrabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online platform supported with a cell app that connects employees with consumers that want errands or different duties completed. A TaskRabbit employee is regarded as a “Tasker”, they are paid at an hourly rate.

Typical tasks might include:

Working as a Tasker is a bendy opinion for each person that wishes to earn some more money for the abilities they possess. TaskRabbit is also high-quality for customers due to the fact they can get some duties carried out without difficulty whilst they focal point on different tasks.

At the moment TaskRabbit is available to users located in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 140,000 Taskers are working with the app at the moment and it is easy to get started.

Is Taskrabbit Legit?

TaskRabbit was once situated lower back in 2008 and it was once lately obtained by using the Swedish fixtures large IKEA. If you go to an IKEA save in the aforementioned international locations you can locate references to TaskRabbit associated with the meeting and transportation of their furniture. TaskRabbit is additionally prominently featured on the IKEA website.

Also, Taskrabbit has accreditation from the BBB. This is a certain signal that the agency takes patron complaints significantly due to the fact the business enterprise can pay to be listed on BBB. As an organization that is been in enterprise for 12 years, it is fascinating to word that TaskRabbit has earned an A+ ranking with the BBB.

Most complaints have been made with the aid of customers that did not like their carrier or did not agree with their bill. Almost none of the complaints have been made through Taskers that work for TaskRabbit which appears to point out that it is a true organization to work with.

How To Become A Taskrabbit Tasker

If you want to work with TaskRabbit and become a Tasker there are seven things that you will need, they are:

  • New Taskers must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a valid credit card.
  • A smartphone is a must to run the TaskRabbit app.
  • Every new Tasker must pass a background check.
  • You must live in an active TaskRabbit city.
  • You must have a checking account with a bank.
  • A one-time registration fee of $25 is required.

If you can meet these seven criteria there are four steps to join TaskRabbit, they are:

  • Register for an account on the TaskRabbit website. Fill out the private facts and direct savings to get paid. This step is less difficult if you have all your economic facts on hand earlier than you get started.
  • Visit the info set, if you are invited to get hired you will be informed of an orientation meeting in your area where you can meet TaskRabbit staff and ask questions.
  • Download the TaskRabbit app to get access to the jobs.
  • Scroll through the jobs, find one you like, apply, perform the task, and get paid.
  • Every Tasker profile requires a current profile so that clients recognize who they are ready for earlier than you arrive. There is also beneficial information on the TaskRabbit internet site to assist you to be a profitable Tasker.

How Does Taskrabbit Work?

Once you have followed the steps outlined above you have joined TaskRabbit, you are now a Tasker and it is time to get to work. You can come across jobs in your neighborhood area, set instances when you are on hand for work, and edit your profile for customers. All of this can be completed at once with the TaskRabbit app which you can download from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

The first time you start up the TaskRabbit app you will want to visit the “Home” tab. This is the place you will locate the duties set for today, set your preferences, and hold a tune of your earnings. Another extraordinary tab is “Tasks” this is the place you can seem to be at previous and modern tasks.

The “Availability” tab is beneficial due to the fact this is the place you will set your handy working times. If you desire a day off each Friday or you have an appointment on a positive day this is the place you will set that up.

Other Tabs

The previous tabs are all useful but two other tabs are vitally important, they are: the “Profile” and “My Business” tabs:

The Profile

The “Profile” tab is the place you will promote your capabilities to doable clients that can also prefer to rent you. You can set up your work vicinity map that suggests to site visitors the areas that you can attain and the place you favor to work.

Here you can add any cars to your profile which is accessible if you are going to be transferring or turning in items. All facts can be edited in real-time if your occasions trade and this consists of closing statements for your clients.

My Business

The “My Business” Tab is the place you will reveal your profits and a massive quantity of different metrics that will assist you to enhance your effectiveness and profits level. This is also the place you can add any beneficial abilities that you suppose an attainable patron may also be involved in.

Do not be modest here, you may also suppose that a positive talent is now not a huge deal, however, many human beings may also now not possess it and they will be inclined to pay for your help. If you add new capabilities you can continually edit the listing in this tab to preserve clients up to date.

Once you have set up your TaskRabbit profile and fine-tuned it to appeal to clients it is handy to use on the days you desire to work. A Tasker will be notified about lively Tasks in their location and then they can pick the ones they desire to do. Some of the aspects of the most famous job on TaskRabbit, consist of cleaning, transport jobs, moving, assembling furniture, private assistant, handyman work, and going for walks errands.

How Much Can You Earn on Taskrabbit?

The average Tasker earns around $35 per hour in the U.S and £24 per hour in the U.K. Second we do not have enough statistics on the rising Canadian TaskRabbit scene however it is secure to count on its equal hourly price of pay.

The amount of money that you can earn as a Tasker will rely on a few exceptional factors, inclusive of your experience, efficiency, and your TaskRabbit rating. If you get popularity for finishing duties rapidly and efficaciously your offerings will be in excessive demand due to the fact your TaskRabbit ranking will replicate this.

Here are some typical tasks and the kind of money that a Tasker could expect to earn to complete them:

  • Carry some furniture up some stairs: $45-$105
  • Fix a minor plumbing problem: $55-$130
  • Assembling furniture: $55-$145
  • Home or Office Delivery: $25-$70

As a gig economy app, TaskRabbit will pay people on an achieved assignment groundwork and clients pay their Taskers by way of Stripe. The charge is commonly accepted around 24 hours after the mission used to be carried out and then it takes 3-5 working days for the money to show up in your bank account.

Taskrabbit Pros & Cons Pros

The Hours are Flexible: One of the most attractive aspects of TaskRabbit for many people is that you can set your working schedule. This is very beneficial if you favor working as a Tasker as a facet gig around a full-time job. You can work when you want the greater money and relaxation when you like making this a very bendy option.

The Rate of Pay: TaskRabbit offers Taskers the choice to make proper earnings and some Taskers can make up to $2,000 per week! If you can manipulate your time nicely and you are inclined to work you can make money with TaskRabbit.

A Ready Supply of Clients: Finding your customers can be a hassle, it is vital to have correct contacts and it is tough to construct a customer base. Most human beings do not have sufficient money for advertising and marketing and advertising and marketing that you want to get a new enterprise up and running. Anyway, a Tasker will have to get the right of entry to a prepared grant of purchasers in a single location. So, it is less complicated to get up and go for walks and earn money quickly.

Long-Term Working Potential: Although TaskRabbit is an outstanding vicinity to get gigs this does not imply that you have to do an exceptional job each day. While there are some Taskrabbit complaints, many customers will be completely satisfied to employ Taskers on a long-term foundation if they are dependable and repeat work is common.

Freelancing Perks: Although you leave out company-related advantages when you are a freelance Tasker there are some perks. TaskRabbit has its personal perks reward scheme with some exceptional bonuses for committed Taskers.

The TaskRabbit Service Fee:

TaskRabbit makes its money by way of charging a 15% carrier charge from every Tasker which is a finder’s rate for sourcing the job. So, if you earned $100 with a client, TaskRabbit would take a $15 cut. This is regular in any kind of gig economic system platform however some humans don’t like paying costs and would opt to prepare their work.

Low Starting Pay:

As we confirmed in the past it is viable to make a proper profit with TaskRabbit however it takes time to construct a reputation. Most new Taskers have to set low prices to entice consumers and construct up their profits later when they are greater established. TaskRabbit will no longer permit a Tasker to work for a minimal wage, however, it may also be difficult when you are getting commenced on the platform.

An Inconsistent Income:

There is no getting around the reality that self-employed and gig economic system employees have an inconsistent income. You may also by no means recognize when a job will emerge as available, some durations will be busy and the subsequent week you can also have no work at all.

This will exchange when you get ordinary purchasers and a higher TaskRabbit ranking however that takes time. When you are busier it is a correct concept to set apart some of your TaskRabbit profits for a wet day.

Is TaskRabbit Worth Working For?

TaskRabbit is a legit organization with many working possibilities in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. This is a bendy way to earn money and if you construct popularity it is feasible to generate a passive income. TaskRabbit is worth checking out if you are involved in a beneficial facet gig that you can improve into a full-time income.

However, to make your TaskRabbit experience successful you will need good organizational skills and the drive to succeed.

TaskRabbit FAQ

Is TaskRabbit Owned by IKEA?

In 2017, IKEA confirmed that it had acquired TaskRabbit. The furniture retailer purchased 100 percent of the TaskRabbit shares. However, TaskRabbit operates independently as a separate company.

How Much Do You Make On TaskRabbit?

The pay varies according to the specific tasks and your location, but the average rate of pay on the platform is $36.

How To Make Money on Taskrabbit|TaskRabbit App|Make Money Online|Online Jobs

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