How to Get a Norway Work Visa?

How to Get a Norway Work Visa?

To be able to live or work within Norway it is necessary to obtain an Norway work visa which is also known as an Norwegian residency permit. The skilled worker’s visa is the most common type of Norwegian Visa. It is given to an employee of the employer of Norway.

The types of Norway work visas

There are different kinds of Norway work visas based on the area of work for the applicant.

Norway seasonally work permit

If you’re chosen for a temporary position or job will require you for a specified period of time. You could submit an application to this visa. Before you apply, there has to be an offer of employment to you. The job has to be confirmed through NAV. Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

How to Get a Norway Work Visa?
How to Get a Norway Work Visa?

Norway visa for job-seekers

This visa is designed for skilled workers. The applicants need to have finished their education in Norway. The authorities grant them permission to reside and look for work in Norway regardless of a job offer.

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Research and training visas and Vocational Training Visas

This visa is only for students who are enrolled in the training component of their university courses or self-funded researchers who are not employed by the Norwegian company.

Artists can apply for a work visa

It is a temporary visa for musicians, performers and other artists making appearances in Norway. A maximum period that is 14 consecutive days allowed.

Norway work holiday visa

This type of visa is given to young people who are younger than 31 years old. Adults are required to be from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. The visa allows the holders to work and reside in Norway for a period of one year.

Conditions to be met to receive Norwegian work visa

The government has set the proper guidelines for those who can be eligible for Norwegian work visa. Norwegian working visa. The requirements for each are as they are:


The applicant must meet the following requirements:

Higher education degrees

Vocational education degree,

If they don’t have the degree of higher education, they need to have the appropriate degree, which could be used to satisfy this obligation.

Employment (job offer)

The criteria for the job of the applicant include:

The Employer in Noway is the one who hires the candidate to fill the job they are seeking,

The work must be full-time.

The minimum salary for you must be the amount that the employer will be willing to pay to Norway residents.

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Other requirements

It is also important to follow the following requirements:

You cannot be a criminal,

The age requirement must be over 18 years old.


To apply for an Norway working permit you’ll need to provide the required documents below:

A copy of your passport. It is also possible to deliver the pages that you have used from your passport as well.

Application form. If you visit the UDI site, will find an application form. The form will be in pdf form. After filling out the form, make sure you attach it with the documents you have.

Two professional pictures to be clicked in the last few minutes. Additionally, the background must be white.

Check your residency to Norway. To do this you’ll need to provide a written statement of the plan for your residence in Norway. In particular, what and where you’ll be managing your residence,

Form of contract for your company. The form will be completed through your company. It is available in the UDI website.

Your monthly pay must comply with the standards set by the authorities. The contract template uploaded by the employer you work for will describe the salary,

Documents that verify your degree and certifications,

Experience history of work If you’ve been employed before, your former employer will provide you with letters indicating the duration of your job as well as the performance of your employees,

Resume or CV

Checklist of documents that are available on the UDI website.

The form for power of attorney is required if you are filling out the form through your employer.

Documents are required if you live outside of the country you are from:

The necessary documents for the circumstances from which you’re applying for a permit is as follows:

If you’re living in a different state than your own, then you must prove that your residence there is legal. In addition, you must prove that you have the right to reside that has been in force for at least six months.

If you’re applying for a permit living in Norway and Norway, then you be required to prove that you’re living in compliance with the laws.

Other documents

There may be additional documents that you will need to submit according to your position, such as:

If the offered job isn’t permanent,

If you work for multiple employers at the same moment, you are working for more than one employer.

Important considerations to make regarding the documents

Remember these tips in mind prior to the document submission:

The documents that are submitted must be original and include their duplicates,
If your employer has applied from your part, then only copies of your application will be needed.

Documents must be translated into English as well as Norwayegian,

Procedure for applying

Following the confirmation of your appointment After confirmation, you’ll need to fill out your application online. The procedure in detail is as follows:

Norwegian Directorate of Immigration ( NDI) is a websitefrom which you can download the application forms. The form must be filled out every requirement of the application form.

Include all required and necessary documents to the application form.

Complete the application form and submit it along together with the required the required documents at Embassy and/or any center for visa applications,

If you’re applying for it while you are in Norway and you are applying for it, then fill out the application form as well as the supporting documents in Norway,

If your employer is sending the application on your behalf and you are not submitting the application, then please send the documents to them.

Possibilities to apply to the work permit

There are three possible ways to do it:

You’re applying for a work permit in your country of residence,

You’re applying for a work permit in Norway,

The employer you work for is applying from your side.

We will now discuss the application procedure to these conditions.

You’re applying for a work permit in your country of origin.

This case will be as follows:

Apply using the form through the UDI website.

Include all documents on the application form.

Send it to any Embassy near you,

UDI located in Norway will accept your application through the Norwegian Embassy.

If you require a visa to enter Norway

In this case there is no need of obtaining an entrance visa. This visa will be issued to the embassy through UDI within Norway. This visa will be sufficient to permit entry into Norway.

If you are exempt from a visa

In this scenario you will be able to get into Norway within the stipulated period. There are no requirements from Norwegian authorities.

You’re applying for a work permit from Norway

In this situation take the following steps:

The UDI site, you can fill in the online application form,
Attach all the documents that are needed,
Submit these documents to Permit and Protection Services of the Norwegian police or to the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA). It is dependent on the area of Norway you live in.

UDI will be able to receive your application through the police department or Sua.

Important note!

It is necessary to apply for an interim visa, also called the Norwegian entrance visa. The visa is required for the purpose of submitting the application. It is possible to work upon obtaining an Norwaign working permit.

Your employer is applying for behalf of you

To do this, the process is:

All your documents should be in your possession prior to the filling out of the application.
Employers can apply online on the UDI website.

You must send all required documents to your employer. Also, you must you must send a written letter notarized by you. This will confirm that you have granted an employer the authority complete your application.

Employers will forward these documents to Residence Permit and Protection Services of the Norwegian police, or to a Service Center for Foreign Workers (SUA). It is based on the district in Norway you are living in.

Through police or SUA The application will be handed in to UDI.

Important aspects to take into consideration

Before submitting an application for the work permit, you must apply for it.
If you’re who is looking to apply for an Norway working permit your first step should be to go to the UDI website. You must go through all of the steps. The procedure will differ with the situation based on your education, nationality and the option of applying either through your own or an employer.

After landing in Norway

What should you do when you be able to enter Norway? Your first step should be visiting the police station in order to obtain an identity card. Through the UDI application portal, you can schedule an appointment prior to your visit. It is necessary to arrange the meeting within seven days following your arrival in Norway.

The processing time is determined by the length of time needed for processing.

After you submit your application, you will be verified within a period of 1 and 1/2 months to two months.

If you apply for work while you live in Norway it is not possible to be able to perform the job until you obtain the permit to work.

Costs are applicable to the Norway work visa

To apply for a visa to work, costs are NOK 6,300 or USD 690. The equivalent to the amount you have to pay for renewing your work permit.

It is possible to pay for these charges using a debit card following completion of your application. If you don’t submit the application via an embassy or consulate (via the visa office or application center) Then you’ll be required to pay additional fees.

The validity of this Norway work visa

The expiration date for the Norway work permit is two years from the date of its issue. If you wish to stay for a longer duration in Norway then you may renew your permit to work for the following two years prior to its expiration. After you have spent a minimum of three years in Norway you are eligible to request permanent residence.

Procedure to renew Norway work visa

In this regard,

Complete an online application on the UDI website.

Charges for the application.

Set up a meeting with the police officers,

Send the application along with supporting the required documents.


The application form should be submitted 3 months prior to the expiration date of your work visa. It is due to the fact that it takes time to organize the meeting and process the application.

The documents required to renew the work visa

You’ll need to complete:

Passport with its pages used,

A cover letter. The cover letter will be sent to you upon submission of your application via the email you specified,

Letter of appointment. It is available for download on the UDI website.

Your proof of income during the last 3 months.

Additional documents are required if they are needed.

Medical insurance for foreign workers who work in Norway

You’ll be eligible for the Norwegian national health system after you’ve obtained the Work Permit. This means you’ll be assigned the services of a general physician (called by Norwegian as fastlege) whom you need to be in touch with if you’ve got any health concerns.

The Norwegian healthcare system is funded by the state and funded through public funds. Any person over the age of 16 is required to spend up to $260 a year for appointments with a doctor and treatments. If your treatment is more expensive than this amount, you will receive an exemption certificate and can receive free therapy for the rest of the year. This means that if you fall ill and require medical attention, you won’t be faced with huge medical expenses.

You may also sign up to an insurance plan for international healthcare plan if need additional services, such as:

Private hospitals for treatment,

Insurance in the event you have to be evacuated

Protection if you are returning to your home country for any reason.

Take your family with you to Norway

Yes, you are able to request Norway family visa. Norway family visa in order to allow your family to visit Norway. The list of family members that are eligible include:
Your spouse, your partner,

Your partner with whom you’ve been living for the past two years. In addition, you are planning to become parents. To be eligible the age of both must be at least 24 years old.

Your children who aren’t yet of 18

If the child is over 18 years old, they must:

Age range 18 to 21 years old.


Possessing had a Norway residence permit in the past,

Not Independent, it is dependent on you, even in the event of sickness.

Important note!

If you are planning to move your family members to Norway the wages you earn should be NOK 64 264 per year, pre-tax equivalent to USD 29,000

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