Harvard University: The Premier Institute of Higher Learning

Since its founding in 1636, Harvard University has stood at the pinnacle of institutions of higher learning worldwide. Located just outside of Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard maintains a storied legacy of academic excellence and innovation across disciplines.

With abundant resources, world-renowned faculty and graduates that are industry movers and shakers, Harvard has cemented its reputation as one of academia’s most revered research and teaching universities over nearly 400 years.

Harvard University: The Premier Institute of Higher Learning

Unparalleled Academic Excellence

Harvard comprises 13 prestigious schools and colleges, enrolling over 23,000 students between undergraduate and graduate programs each year. It employs over 4,600 faculty members across disciplines.

Setting the Standard for Higher Education

As the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, Harvard established the foundations later adopted nation-wide as central tenets of exceptional education:

  • Small class sizes with accessible faculty mentors
  • Interactive, hands-on learning opportunities
  • Strong student residential community
  • Emphasis on excellence in teaching and research

It also pioneered the elective system, letting students shape personalized education — a model now ubiquitous at universities worldwide.

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Top Programs Across Schools

Nearly every graduate school and several undergraduate concentrations top national rankings, including programs through:

  • Harvard Medical School (#2 for research)
  • Harvard Law School (#3 in the world)
  • Harvard Kennedy School (#1 public policy program)
  • Harvard Business School (top MBA program)

The university spends over $800 million on research yearly — one of the largest expenditures in higher education — demonstrating deep commitment to both imparting and expanding knowledge.

Abundant Resources for Students

Between world-class faculty, ample research funding and partnerships with premier institutions like Massachusetts General Hospital and Broad Institute, Harvard offers unparalleled opportunities for mentorship and academic development.

Undergraduates gain exposure to active scholarly initiatives while graduate researchers utilize cutting-edge laboratories. Robust financial aid supports students of all backgrounds in pursuing dynamic Harvard experiences.

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Thought Leaders Across Industries

Both Harvard alumni and current faculty boast extraordinary influence as public intellectuals, political advisors, pioneering scientists, transformative authors and trailblazing CEOs. They set agendas and direct progress across sectors.

Guiding Public Discourse

Harvard affiliates shape dialogue and sway public opinion on momentous issues — from climate change policies and economic reform to global justice interventions — through bestselling books, news analyses and social commentary.

They chair influential policy institutes and prestigious publications, bringing academic insight to mainstream debates and providing counsel to world leaders.

Northwestern University: A Leader in Academics and Research

Leading Industries

Fortune 500 CEOs helm media conglomerates, major banks, innovative technology giants, healthcare networks and more — directing corporate strategy while managing hundreds of thousands of employees.

Upending old business models, entrepreneurial alumni launch disruptive startups and direct venture capital to rising sectors like biotech and clean energy. Their transformative visions drive markets forward.

Impacting Diplomacy and Governance

Heads of state, diplomats and other public officials hold sway over international relations and domestic politics. U.S. presidents, Federal Reserve chairs, supreme court justices and hundreds of senators obtained Harvard credentials.

They craft legislation on sustainability, privacy, economic equity and human rights protections that shape public welfare for years beyond political administrations.

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An Unparalleled Student Experience

Undergraduates discover an unparalleled living and learning experience situated within Harvard’s historic campus and integrated into intellectual Cambridge.

Historic Architecture on a Storied Campus

Studying amidst architectural marvels from Colonial halls like Massachusetts Hall to recent showcases like the home for Harvard’s arts, students become part of history while pursuing premier education.

Visitors flock to Harvard museums housing over 21 million artifacts and to widening greenspaces for community enjoyment of arts and athletics. Classes utilize this all-encompassing campus as an engaging learning lab.

Deeply Integrated into Cambridge Networks

Fluid town-gown relations embed students into the vibrant fabric of Cambridge. They intern with biotech firms pioneering personalized medicine, take cityscapes painting classes with local artists or jam out ideas with Harvard innovators in hip community spaces like LabCentral.

Whether grabbing an espresso in Harvard Square or analyzing offshore wind farms down at the harbor, undergraduates engage with this epicenter of leading research just minutes from their dorms.

Premier Access to Boston Opportunities

Sitting along the Red Line linking Cambridge to downtown Boston in just over 15 minutes, Harvard students tap into professional networks at elite hospitals and sleekest startups for sought-after positions. They form bands playing local venues or join foodie tours in the North End.

The marriage of historic Harvard against the backdrop of innovative metropolitan Boston makes for an undergraduate experience like no other. Students thrive with every imaginable opportunity just a train ride away.

Since educating early American luminaries from John Adams to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harvard has proved instrumental in grooming trailblazers and changemakers that elevate intellectual life, drive industry innovation and better society. It continues doing so today through rigourous scholarship.

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