Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Companies: If you have recently bought a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and are looking to purchase motorcycle insurance look into Harley-Davidson Insurance, Dairyland, or other excellent insurance firms like Nationwide. The majority of motorcycle insurance providers offer great coverage and will ensure your safety regardless of where the road will take you.

If you are looking on the internet for quotes on motorcycle insurance make sure you look at the comparison of Harley-Davidson Insurance to other companies to ensure you get the right policy to meet your requirements.

We want to assist you in making informed decisions about insurance. Shopping for insurance should be easy. We do not have a relationship with any particular insurance company and therefore cannot offer the quotes of any single company.

What You Should Know

  • Online shopping can provide low-cost motorcycle insurance quotes
  • Younger riders can get low-cost insurance through Dairyland
  • Harley-Davidson Insurance offers a discount to H.O.G. members

If the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than getting on your motorcycle and heading for an excursion. However, before you start the engine, it is important to make sure you are covered under bike insurance coverage.

The importance of motorcycle insurance is immense since it allows you to receive financial aid if you ever have to repair your bike following an accident or to receive reimbursement for lodging expenses if your bike was damaged when you were far away from home.

If you are not yet working with a motorbike insurance company, Harley-Davidson Insurance (or several other reliable insurance firms) can assist you in getting the security you require to remain safe riding.

Read on to find out the reasons why motorcycle insurance rates at Harley-Davidson Insurance beat the competition and how you can get the best insurance plan for your requirements.

You can decide whether Harley-Davidson Insurance is the right firm for you by simply inputting your ZIP code to begin comparing no-cost quotes.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance

Who is the Best Motorcycle Insurance Company?

The most reliable insurance provider is always changing based on the specific needs of each motorcycle rider. However, you can narrow your search for the best insurance policy by restricting your choices to the most reliable motorcycle insurance firms that are in business.

When you start your search for motorcycle insurance, you should consider Harley-Davidson Insurance or any of the listed companies below:

  • Progressive
  • Markel
  • Nationwide
  • Dairyland

They not only offer the insurance you require to be legal on the street, however, but the prices offered by these companies are also extremely affordable, which is good news if you’re in your quest for the most affordable motorbike insurance coverage you can get.

Let’s have a look at these insurance companies so that you have the details you require to select the most suitable insurance plan for you.


If you purchase a motorbike insurance policy with Progressive You will get the complete replacement cost and no depreciation of parts, accessories, and customized parts/equipment (CPE) for no additional cost.

This alone is a good reason not to receive quotes for motorcycle insurance that come from Harley-Davidson Insurance. In addition, If you buy only liability insurance from Progressive you could be paying just $9 per month.


A GEICO motorcycle insurance policy gives you access to a variety of great protections, including helmet insurance. It is possible to pay for your insurance in six, four, or nine installments. But considering the monthly average for liability insurance starting at just $11 per month, you might be able to cover your insurance in one go.


Markel also offers an average liability rate of only $11 per calendar month making it an ideal business for those trying to save money. You can also purchase mechanical breakdown insurance or roadside service from Markel to provide the highest amount of protection for yourself and your bike.


Nationwide has been in the business of providing dependable motorcycle insurance for a long time. You can pay as low as $13/month for liability insurance through this firm.

Plus, Nationwide offers motorcyclists a diminishing deductible. This means that each year that you are safe and avoid accidents by having a Nationwide policy, you can be taken off of your deductible at an interval, with a $500 limit.


The monthly average for a liability insurance policy through Dairyland is $13, but you can buy a complete insurance policy with Dairyland if you have just purchased a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Dairyland is also one of the most affordable insurance providers for riders who are young. For example, a complete coverage policy costs $50 per month on average for an 18-year-old rider. However, the same policy that is full coverage by Nationwide costs a similar ride $157 per month.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance

Harley-Davidson Insurance

It is affordable to purchase motorcycle insurance from Harley-Davidson Insurance. The average liability insurance for this firm is around 14 dollars per month. However, should you wish to purchase a full-bodied insurance plan, you can get some great coverage through Harley-Davidson.

You can, for instance, opt to purchase rental reimbursement insurance or guest passenger liability, so that any person who rides with you will be covered.

If you are searching for an insurance company that can provide excellent coverage, affordable rates, and top-quality customer service, look through GEICO as well as Harley-Davidson Insurance reviews or check out these firms’ ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

How Can I Obtain Low-Cost Harley-Davidson Insurance?

You can purchase affordable H-D insurance by ensuring that you make all payments on time and that you have a clean driving history clear of any traffic violations, such as driving too fast or not stopping at stop signals.

This will not only increase your chance of making it back safely when you are in the open, but insurance companies, such as Harley-Davidson Insurance, view safe drivers as less risky and offer them lower rates.

What Can I Do to Get Low-Cost Harley-Davidson Insurance If My Behavior on the Road is a Little Uncertain?

Even if you are not blessed with a perfect driving record and you are concerned that your insurance rates could be excessive it is always possible to see if you are eligible for one of the many discounts offered by Harley-Davidson Insurance offers.

If, for instance, you have a Harley and choose to want to be a member of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) and you join, you may have your rates reduced. There are also discounts for having your own house and being an active service member veteran, or law enforcement officer.

There is even an increase in the rate if have many years of experience on the motorcycle.

Affordable Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Companies: The Bottom Line

The revving of your motorcycle while you speed through the streets is an exciting experience. Don’t let the excitement get you into trouble by being fined for driving with no motorbike insurance plan.

It is possible to find affordable insurance from a wide range of trusted businesses such as Nationwide, Dairyland, Harley-Davidson Insurance, and many others. When you are looking for an insurance policy for your motorcycle be aware of the price of your bike and the distance you normally travel on your bike to ensure you can find the appropriate amount of protection for your requirements.

If you are interested in finding out whether Harley-Davidson offers the most competitive quotes then enter your ZIP code to receive no-cost Motorcycle quotes from other insurance firms in your area.

FAQs – Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance

Do you need to buy a brand new or pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycle?

The latest vs. the used Harley motorbike is an ongoing battle for enthusiasts of motorcycles. If you are a novice biker, you might want to buy a second-hand Harley-Davidson motorcycle, even if you have longed to own a motorcycle for a long time. These models are typically less expensive, which is an advantage for those who are still learning to master riding the motorcycle.

How do new riders obtain low-cost insurance?

Unfortunately, the younger and more experienced motorcyclists will have to pay higher prices, however, new riders can take measures to cut down on their expenses. It is possible to take part in the Harley-Davidson Riding School offered by Harley-Davidson. It is a course in skills which also comes with discounts if you finish the course.

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