Frankenmuth Insurance Review & Complaints

Frankenmuth Insurance offers all three major types of insurance: auto insurance and home insurance. They also offer life insurance as well as a variety of commercial products. Frankenmuth Insurance quotes cannot be found online but the company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Frankenmuth Insurance, a Michigan-based company, sells both personal and commercial insurance. It covers 15 states and is a large regional insurer.

About Frankenmuth Insurance

Frankenmuth, like many insurance companies of the late 19th century, was founded by a group looking for a common method to protect against loss. Frankenmuth was founded in 1868 by a group made up of German immigrants. It was named for the city it was located.

Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Company was created as a response to the increasing popularity of cars. Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Company was established in 1941. Within two decades, the two companies were merged into one.

Frankenmuth was interested in expansion and moved into many other states around the country, including Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Wisconsin. In the decades that followed, Frankenmuth expanded further and was eventually merged with Patriot Insurance in 2007. This merger brought the company to New England.

Frankenmuth is still a major player in the Midwest and Patriot continues to offer insurance in the New England region under its original name. The company does not offer all its products in every state. Many have only access to commercial lines and personal insurance products that are more restricted in their regional reach.

Frankenmuth Insurance Review
Frankenmuth Insurance Review

What are Frankenmuth Products?

Frankenmuth offers personal lines that include auto, home, and life insurance. There are also a variety of specialty products. A variety of commercial products are also available.

Home Insurance

Frankenmuth offers two levels of homeowner’s coverage.

The Home Protector is the standard homeowner’s insurance program. It covers structures, personal property, as well as personal liability. The policy provides replacement cost coverage for the dwelling as well as personal property. There are also other coverage options.

Ultra Home Guardian is an additional policy level that provides more coverage than the basic plan. This policy covers you for any emergency, such as lock replacement, sewer backup, lock replacement, evacuation costs, fire department service fees, and other items not covered by most home insurance policies.

Frankenmuth also offers coverage for other home-related needs. These include a condo policy with walls-in coverage and a renter’s insurance policy to protect tenants’ personal property. They also offer policies for rental properties.

Michigan is the only state that offers manufactured home insurance.

Auto insurance

Although the auto insurance policy covers only the essentials, it also offers a wide range of options. There are no surprises in the list of options; these include roadside assistance, rental vehicle coverage, and a business endorsement.

Frankenmuth also offers a collector car program, which they directly underwrite. This is unusual as specialty insurance companies often pass on this offer, even big ones.

Specialty Insurance

Frankenmuth offers insurance for watercraft and recreational vehicles.

Watercraft coverage includes basic boats and a yacht program for larger craft.

The coverage for recreational vehicles includes snowmobiles and ATVs, motorhomes, travel trailers, motorhomes, golf carts, and bikes (in Michigan only).

Life Insurance

Frankenmuth offers term and whole life insurance but does not provide much information about the policies. For more information, visitors to this site will be directed to an agent.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial coverage is available in more states than personal lines. It is also available in many other options.

There are two types of package policies available: the Business Owners’ package policy for smaller businesses that meet the requirements and the commercial package policy for companies that can not be insured with a BOP. Both include basic coverage like property and liability but also offer additional coverage.

Frankenmuth lists the following options for commercial opportunities:

  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Liability for Employment Practices
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Equipment Failure
  • Cyber and data coverage
  • Professional Liability
  • Surety Bonds
  • Safety Services
  • Solutions specific to your industry

How to Get Rates

Frankenmuth does not offer online quoting. He strongly defends this decision, arguing that only agents can help you determine the coverage you need and design the policy that suits your needs.

Although this is a valid point, it is not something that many people expect in today’s online world. It may discourage people from considering a company as one of their options. This is especially true if a request for a quote leads to a solicitation.

How to File Claims

Frankenmuth is a pioneer in the new age of claims submissions. It allows claims to be submitted online. You can also call them at any hour to report claims.

Frankenmuth has a preferred vendor list for home and auto repairs. These contractors and repair shops will work directly with the claims department and guarantee their work. These vendors are not required to be used by policyholders. They can choose their preferred shop.

This website gives a comprehensive and helpful overview of claims. It is also easy to find and read. It is easy to comprehend and everything appears clear.

What are the Ratings?

Frankenmuth is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a rating of A+ for financial strength. There have been only four complaints over the last three years. Accreditation was only granted in 2018, They were accredited in 2018 and six customers left reviews. Most of these were very positive. Overall, the company has 3.5 stars. This is great news for a company of this size.

Consumer Affairs has 20 reviews and a rating of two stars overall. Although there are more negative reviews than usual for this site, they do have some positive ones. Positive reviews are always welcome and help to balance out the negatives.

Yelp also shows similar results, with six reviews and three stars for the overall rating. This company has a good reputation and there are very few complaints considering it is a large insurance company.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company receives about 20% fewer complaints than it was expecting.

Frankenmuth Insurance Review & Disputes: What is the Bottom Line for You?

Frankenmuth has a wide range of products and a solid history. If you do not mind working with an independent agent and prefer a local company, they are a good option. We are unable to compare rates so we can not value them, but overall we feel that we made a good impression.

Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance is Frankenmuth Mutual’s largest subsidiary. It has a subsidiary, Patriot Insurance Company, that operates on the East Coast.

FAQs: Frankenmuth Insurance Review & Complaints

What is Frankenmuth Insurance?

Frankenmuth Insurance is a regional insurance company providing various insurance products, including auto, home, business, and life insurance.

How can I contact Frankenmuth Insurance?

You can reach Frankenmuth Insurance by visiting their official website for contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses.

What types of insurance products does Frankenmuth offer?

Frankenmuth Insurance offers a range of products, such as auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, and life insurance.

How can I file a claim with Frankenmuth Insurance?

To file a claim, you can contact Frankenmuth Insurance through their claims hotline or file a claim online. Check their official website for specific instructions.

What is the customer feedback for Frankenmuth Insurance?

Customer feedback can vary. Some customers may express satisfaction with the company’s services, while others may have concerns. It is advisable to read reviews and testimonials to get a better understanding.

Are there any common complaints about Frankenmuth Insurance?

Common complaints may include issues with claims processing, customer service, or policy-related concerns. Check online review platforms for the latest feedback.

How does Frankenmuth Insurance handle customer complaints?

Frankenmuth Insurance likely has a customer service department that addresses and resolves customer complaints. Contact them directly if you have specific concerns.

Can I get discounts with Frankenmuth Insurance?

Frankenmuth Insurance may offer various discounts based on factors such as safe driving, bundling policies, or having a security system in your home. Inquire about available discounts when getting a quote.

Is Frankenmuth Insurance available nationwide?

Frankenmuth Insurance primarily operates in specific regions. Check their website or contact them directly to confirm if they offer coverage in your area.

How can I cancel my Frankenmuth Insurance policy?

To cancel your policy, contact Frankenmuth Insurance customer service. Be sure to understand any cancellation fees or procedures outlined in your policy.

Remember to supplement this information with the most recent reviews and updates from official sources to ensure accuracy.


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