First Chicago Insurance Review (Insurance Company)

First Chicago insurance company review: First Chicago is an excellent option for auto insurance for those who reside within Wisconsin or Illinois. They offer a wide array of coverage options, fantastic discounts, and reasonable costs. First Chicago is also top in the rankings with an A-grade from the Better Business Bureau with an A-grade!

First Chicago insurance overview

First Chicago was established in 1920. Their primary goal is to provide customer satisfaction. Their headquarters is located in Chicago and they provide services to both Illinois as well as Wisconsin. Over the 100 years they have been in business they have had just five presidents! In the last five years, they have increased approximately 15% each year.

They provide a variety of insurance plans that are perfect for whatever your needs.

Select between their basic liability-only protection and collision insurance, as well as comprehensive towing, and rental. They also offer a variety of different payment choices, including the option of the cost of your insurance in advance, or paying monthly or even quarterly.

First Chicago Insurance Review
First Chicago Insurance Review

The process of filing a claim is easy. There are two options available:

The department for claims is available 24 hours a day.


  1. Large Variety of Discounts Makes use of the discounts offered by HTML0 to ensure you pay the lowest cost you can get at the lowest price.
  2. Cheap Rates CURE’s car insurance premiums CURE are typically less expensive and affordable when than competitors.
  3. Best ratings: First Chicago has been part of the Better Business Bureau since 1983 and is accredited with an A!


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Options for coverage

  • Liability Insurance covers any losses you are held responsible for during a crash that causes injury to another person or the damage they cause or property damage.
  • Car Medical Insurance covers your medical expenses and the passengers in your vehicle when the costs are caused by a car accident.
  • Uninsured Motorists’ Coverage includes uninsured motorists’ Bodily injury and property damage insurance, and coverage for Bodily Injury Coverage for Under-insured Motorists.
  • Comprehensive Protection Covers losses to your vehicle result of collisions with another vehicle or an object.
  • Collision coverage is only available if Comprehensive coverage is available.

First Chicago insurance discounts

First Chicago offers a variety of discounts to cut the cost of your services even more.

Here are some discounts that you could be qualified for:

  • Promo Code for Advance Quotes Get your insurance policy before the protection is set to begin to receive this discount.
  • Discount on Anti-Theft Discount is available when your vehicle is fitted with anti-theft systems.
  • Defensive Driver Discount A defensive driving course is a qualifier to save.
  • Driver Record Discount You can get a discount on your driving record.
  • discount for good students You can be rewarded with a discount for good students when you or someone else who is covered by your policy has excellent scores.
  • Homeowner Discount homeowners receive discounts on their automobile insurance.
  • Multi-Car Discount Get a discount when you insure more than one vehicle through First Chicago.
  • Payment in Full Discount You can pay your premium completely and conserve on costs.
  • Renewal Discount Renewing your policy through First Chicago makes you eligible to receive loyalty discounts.
  • Prior Insurance Discount Get this discount if you make the switch from First Chicago Insurance to another insurance company.

First Chicago car insurance | Bankrate Score not evaluated

If you are searching for the most reliable car insurance provider but prefer a more intimate experience, then you have probably been familiar with First Chicago. It is not as dependable as its rivals but if you are searching for basic coverage from a local company, First Chicago could be an ideal option. There is a chance to get all the coverage types you had expected to find, including coverage for personal liability as well as comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage.

First Chicago Insurance Company writes auto insurance that covers Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Texas. But, First Chicago does not offer renters, home condos, or other kinds of insurance for property, therefore it is not the most suitable option for those seeking the most efficient home and auto bundles.

First Chicago car insurance cost

The average cost for insurance for cars within the United States is $1,655 per year for full coverage and $480 for minimum coverage. The cost you pay with First Chicago will typically vary depending on the type and coverage amounts you select and your driving record as well as the type of car you own, and other personal rating aspects. The best way to find out the price you will be charged is to obtain direct quotes with First Chicago.

First Chicago car insurance discounts

Like many insurance firms, First Chicago offers several discounts that could assist you in reducing your car insurance premium. Based on the conditions of your eligibility, you might be eligible to apply the discounts listed below to your insurance policy as well as other discounts:

  • Quotes for advance: If you get a quote before the date of effect, you may receive a lower rate.
  • Driver’s record and good driving history could result in savings when you join First Chicago.
  • homeowner If you are the homeowner of your home, you can save cash on your auto insurance.
  • Prior insurance If you can show proof of prior insurance, most likely without time-lapse, you may be eligible for this discount.

Since First Chicago sells coverage in three states, discount rates can differ. Speak with a First Chicago agent to learn what discounts on car insurance are accessible to you.

First Chicago car services

The auto insurance policy is the sole type of insurance for personal use that First Chicago offers, but the company also offers some other offerings. If you run a business and are looking for insurance, consider First Chicago for your commercial insurance or general liability insurance.

Another First Chicago Perk Worth Considering

First Chicago is a relatively small insurance company, which means there are not many offerings apart from the products previously described. Although the website of the company is simple, it does have an online tool for reporting claims as well as the ability to receive ID cards and policy documents via the portal online.

In certain states health insurance policies such as personal accident insurance and major medical coverage are available.

Take into consideration First Chicago Insurance if…

First Chicago Insurance is a high-rated insurance provider by the BBB with an A-rated rating. Along with excellent services to customers, they also offer reasonable rates, with regular insurance options.

If you are in search of extra discounts, First Chicago has a wide range of discounts available that you can take advantage of.

Look into other options for First Chicago Insurance if…

Unfortunately, First Chicago is only accessible only to those who reside in Illinois in addition to Wisconsin.

What is my best option for insurance?

When you are looking for insurance for your car, it is crucial to compare different quotes against each other. This will give you the most competitive rates and coverage options.


Are you unsure you are First Chicago is right for you? Take a look at these options

If you are looking for insurance seeking quotes from several providers can be useful. The following options for First Chicago might fit your requirements:

  • Auto-Owners: If the tiny dimensions of First Chicago appeal to you then you may want to inquire about an estimate from Auto-Owners. It is bigger -it offers insurance across 26 states however, it sells its services through independent agents. This can provide you with a more personal feel.
  • State Farm: On the other hand if First Chicago’s modest size does not appeal to you then you can get an estimate at State Farm. State Farm is the biggest car insurance provider in the United States according to market share. In addition, State Farm offers plenty of other options, such as bank and home insurance.
  • Progressive: If First Chicago’s discount list appeals to the person who is interested in it, Progressive might also be the best choice for insurance for cars. Progressive offers a variety of savings options, such as quotes for shopping, buying online, having the home you want, and going paperless.

Yes, Your Car Was Stolen But First Chicago Will Not Cover It.

Unfortunately, my husband was the victim of car theft, but luckily not hurt. After he had left his car on an enclosed driveway, his vehicle was taken. We think they may have had an anti-lock software or system, or even keys in the vicinity as there was no evidence of forced entry or tampering with the gates while they were trespassing onto private property.

The level of sophistication in criminal cases today is unmatched, so to claim that there is not any evidence of forced entry is untrue, outdated, and insignificant for this particular case. Period.

In the spirit of justice, He contacted the police and the insurance company right away and turned over the CCTV footage when he had the footage.

The first insurer DENIED the claim. First Chigaco admitted/agreed that the car was taken, and there was no doubt about this. It is all evident from the CCTV footage. It is clear to observe the thief taking advantage of nearby cars before being able to gain entry into his vehicle (still not clear how).

But, First Chicago decided that the vehicle was not taken in a manner that was aggressive enough to merit an insurance claim. We were then sent a denial letter that stated they only covered forcible entry into the vehicle that was stolen and not just an unintentionally stolen vehicle. The vehicle must be taken violently, and not simply taken…

Then, you can imagine the damage this could result in a person’s life. The vehicle still has a balance due (which Gaps Insurance could pay if First Chicago would pay out some amount, even $100, but they never did) and my husband now had to buy a new vehicle. A young man acting in the best way, to get slapped on the face and snubbed in the face by Chicago First.

My husband’s face as he for the very first time, broke into a shiver, shut down, and experienced a panic that was beyond belief was among the most terrifying moments to experience. The sudden and unexpected onset of the financial burden and the inability to travel aggressively will alter the direction of his next five years, perhaps.

It is a bit gruesome to consider that your business could proudly kill off a person financially to avoid having to make payments on the full coverage policy. I am shocked by the lack of understanding and empathy in the solution offered regarding this issue. A denial letter that is simple and I am sure there will be a celebration of the achievement of a goal not to take good care of your faithful customers. It is disgusting.

Thank God that the Lord himself saw your foolish action and the car eventually returned to CPD. However, CPD did not inform my husband or the insurance company that the vehicle was discovered ….yep the terrible luck persists. By chance, we call every towing business in Chicago to be pleasantly surprised at the fact that the vehicle was found only a few weeks earlier.

A bill for $2K from the towing business (CPD even gave the reason for not contacting) as well as some apparent physical damages that were done to the vehicle’s exterior and interior. We thought that contacting Chicago First with the GREAT news of this revised claim could be a great solution. Then again, we were denied, since the car was not taken away to their satisfaction.

The towing company was shocked that you had denied the claim, they even offered us an offer of a discount…

Then, before you leave, answer by saying “Under section 6, of your policy, we have to be aware of forcible entry before making an application for reimbursement” Prove to us that the antilock system was not utilized, and tell us why it is not a violation of the law if you can not prove that the gate was not tampered with and also, for the love of God what is the reason a vehicle must be taken away aggressively to be able to claim for COMPREHENSIVE coverage.

What do you think of THEIF the driver entering a vehicle without permission is an aggressive act.

The driver is not there to offer the valet service. Would you suggest that we take off and fight the thief before the time the car is stolen or robbed? We have to demonstrate that there was no forcible entry (and what are we supposed to do to prove this if the car is stolen? …),

How can YOU show that there was no forcible entry? Why does forcible entry even have any significance? The vehicle was taken. FACT.

The full policy was never given to my husband while he was purchasing insurance through you. What a blow to the ribs that was. We received the complete policy in response to our denial letters…

Then Chicago First, why would anyone ever be an individual customer if this is the way you handle allegations? Why do you find it okay to devastate someone financially/emotionally when they pay their comprehensive car insurance?

To the person who made the decision and to everyone else who did not believe in his claims (I won’t put her name here since we are a people who show respect and compassion for humans) I hope that you go home feeling content knowing that you nearly destroyed the life of an innocent young man who was the victim of an unfortunate theft of his car.

You were able to do the right thing in handing over all the evidence he was able to find. You are no different than the person who was later taken into custody for the car theft.

To all who have read this article, share this information. You may become the next victim from Chicago First, the real thieves of the world. You are a sham.

FAQs – First Chicago Insurance Review Insurance Company

What types of insurance coverage does First Chicago Insurance offer?

This question helps you understand the range of insurance products the company provides, such as auto insurance, home insurance, or other types.

What factors influence the cost of insurance policies?

Learn about the various factors that impact insurance premiums, such as coverage limits, deductibles, and personal factors like driving history or credit score.

How can I file a claim with First Chicago Insurance?

Understanding the claims process is crucial. Ask about the steps involved in filing a claim, the required documentation, and the expected timeline for claim resolution.

Are there any discounts available?

Inquire about available discounts, such as multi-policy discounts, safe driver discounts, or discounts for safety features in your home or vehicle.

What is the customer service and support like?

Consider the responsiveness and helpfulness of the customer service team. This can be crucial when you need assistance or have questions about your policy.

Can I customize my insurance coverage to suit my specific needs?

Check if the insurance company offers flexibility in tailoring coverage to meet your unique requirements.

How is the company’s reputation and financial stability?

Look for reviews and ratings from other customers to gauge the company’s reputation. Additionally, check their financial stability through independent rating agencies.

Are there any restrictions or exclusions in the policy?

Understand the terms and conditions of the policy, including any exclusions or limitations that may affect coverage.

How often can I review and update my policy?

It is essential to have the flexibility to review and make adjustments to your policy as your circumstances change.

What is the cancellation policy?

Know the process and any associated fees if you need to cancel your policy.

Remember to verify this information directly with First Chicago Insurance, as policies and offerings can change over time.

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