Croatia Work Permit Visa for Pakistani | How To Apply Croatia Visa

Croatia Work Permit Visa for Pakistani
Croatia Work Permit Visa for Pakistani

Work Permit Visa

Croatia Get to Schengen Zone

This is well on the path to get Schengen country status ideally in 2022 / 2023 in any case. Recently immense support of Slovenia & Portugal has helped the country a lot to bring its case to light.Croatia is hoping to join Schengen a European area of free movement without passports which Grlic Radman discussed with his Portuguese counterpart on (25-05-2021). After the meeting Grlić Radman said that Portugal actively & strongly advocated Croatias entry into Schengen. PM Andrej Plenković who asked Slovenia Sweden France & Greece for support at a summit in Porto this month said on Tuesday that Croatia could enter the Schengen area in 2022. He called it Croatia’s strategic goal.

Croatia%2BWork%2BPermit%2B%2BCroatia%2B%2BCroatia%2BVisa%2Bfor%2BPakistani%2B%2BHow%2BTo%2BApply%2BCroatia%2BVisa%2B%2BCroatia%2BWork%2BVisa%2BRequirementsJuly 2015 2 years after joining the European Union Croatia applied to enter a space where about 400 million citizens from 26 countries move freely without passports. The area is named after the Luxembourg town of Schengen where an agreement was signed in 1985.

Croatia has been facing a labor shortage for certain occupations over the past few years. Specially Tourism where 20 Million people visit Croatia from around the world each year. Ever since it has got the membership of the EU block more & more young educated people are leaving for Germany & Ireland for more money & a secure future.

Croatia Work Visa Requirements

Immigration rules of the Republic of Croatia you may apply for a work permit with the following documents:

Valid job offer by a Croatian employer:

Contract of employment or written confirmation that a contract of employment or any other relevant contract has been concluded:
Proof of educational background and qualifications. Such as diplomas certificates & degrees:
Proof of language proficiency either English or Croatian (optional).
Color photograph sized 35x45mm:
Proof of health insurance:
A copy of a valid travel document your machine readable passport.
Proof of sufficient funds to support oneself. Ideally, a personal bank account where you have some amount to cover up the expenses of your initial days in Croatia:
Proof of the registration of a company branch office representative office sole trade family run farm association or institution in the Republic of Croatia (extracts from the relevant registers should not be dated more than six months):
HZZ approval report:
Visa confirmation letter from Croatian Govt.
How To Apply For jobs Link

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Work Permit Croatia Visa

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