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In the past, many Californians decided to not take advantage of health insurance. But avoiding health insurance can result in issues. Apart from the possibility of being confronted with a health issue and not having the funds to cover it and you could be penalized if you don’t have health insurance that has met the minimum standards.

Numerous health insurance companies in California can assist you to get affordable health insurance.

Health Insurance Companies in California

California is the very first state in the country to create an insurance marketplace for health care as required by the Affordable Care Act. It collaborates with 11 health insurance providers to offer Obamacare healthcare plans in 2017 and 2018. The 11 companies provide individuals and families with insurance. Six of them offer group health insurance to small-scale companies in California.

Covered California continues to work in its partnership with 11 health insurance companies to provide Obama Care California health plans for 2017 and 2018. The 11 Covered California providers are available through the family and individual marketplace. Six of these carriers offer group health insurance to California small-sized businesses.

California is a state California is divided into 19 distinct pricing regions. Plans offered by health insurance companies and costs vary depending on the region. A minimum of three health insurance providers will be offered to at the very least 82 percent of Californians and there will be at minimum two choices of carriers for all.

Obama Care Plans and Prices give an overview of the Covered California Metallic plans as well as benefits for people and families.

Health Insurance Companies

Covered California Health Insurance Companies

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Chinese Community Health Plan
  • Health Net
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • L.A. Care Health Plan
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Sharp Health Plan
  • Oscar Health
  • Valley Health Plan
  • Medi-Cal
Health Insurance Companies

Anthem Blue Cross – Health Insurance

The mid-1940s, Anthem was founded In the mid-1940s in Indiana, Anthem is a national health insurance company that believes health brings people closer to each other. They are committed to providing top-quality healthcare and providing the best value for their members in addition to helping improve the well-being of communities.

Anthem currently provides EPO programs with Covered California in selected parts of the state. This is mostly in Northern California.

For more details, visit Anthem Blue Cross Covered California.

Health Insurance Companies

Blue Shield of California Health Insurance

Blue Shield, founded in 1939 and headquartered in San Francisco, is a non-profit health insurance plan that is dedicated to offering Californians access to high-quality healthcare. Blue Shield has more than 3.4 million customers and boasts more than 65,000 doctors across the state.

Blue Shield offers HMO and PPO plans, in addition to Health Savings Account plan options. For more details, visit Blue Shield covered California.

Health Insurance Companies

Chinese Community Health Plan

Chinese Community Health Plan has been providing health care to in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1986. They have a long-term commitment to providing high-quality affordable CA health services to all their members. CCHP insurance is available to all residents of San Francisco and/or northern San Mateo counties. They also provide HMO plans.

For more details, visit the Chinese Community Health Plan

Health Insurance Companies

Health Net – Coverage for Every Stage of Life

Based in Los Angeles, Health Net was established in 1977. It offers health insurance to 5.9 million people across every state. In most counties of California, They offer HMO, HCSP, EPO, and PPO plans.

For more information, click here Health Net Covered California.

Health Insurance Companies

Kaiser Permanente – Custom Care & Coverage

Kaiser Permanente’s origins are rooted in Great Depression. The present KP is made up of non-profit and public-benefit companies: Kaiser Foundation Health Plans and the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals; along with the professional organizations for-profit that comprises the Kaiser Permanente Medical Groups.

One of the largest non-profit health plans in the country, Kaiser serves more than 10 million members. Its headquarters are in Oakland, California. Insurance coverage with Kaiser is offered in many areas, and they also offer HMO as well as Health Savings Account HMO plans.

For more information, click here. Covered California Kaiser Plans.

Health Insurance Companies

L.A. Care Health Plan

As a non-profit health insurance plan, L.A. Care believes in providing high-quality health insurance at a low cost. They are the country’s largest public health plan with 1.6 million members enrolled. L.A. Care offers HMO plans. For more details, visit LA Care Health Plan.

L.A. Care Health Plan

Health Insurance Companies

Molina Healthcare

In 1980, the company was founded and is based in Long Beach, California, Molina Healthcare’s goal is to offer high-quality healthcare services to financially disadvantaged families and those who are covered through government-sponsored programs.

They offer health insurance plans along with medical clinics as well as an information management system for health. The only company of its type that can offer all three of these. Molina provides HMO plans.

For more information, go to Molina Insurance.

Health Insurance Companies

Sharp Health Plan – Health insurance for San Diego

serving San Diego and Riverside counties since 1992, Sharp is the largest local health insurance provider offering health insurance in San Diego. Sharp is a non-profit corporation that offers a variety of healthcare options to family members, individuals as well as businesses. They believe in affordability and flexibility and provide high-quality healthcare as well as personal care.

Sharp provides its customers with the HMO Network 1 “Premier” (copay) plan and an HMO Network 2 “Performance” (coinsurance) plan.

For more information, click Sharp Healthcare Plans.

Health Insurance Companies

Oscar – health insurance that just makes sense

In 2013, the company was founded. Oscar Health Plan of California is one of the very few health insurance companies to be created “in the new world of the Affordable Care Act.” They believe that health insurance should be easy as well as smart and welcoming.

As a brand new company, Oscar offers a new perspective and is rethinking the way to manage health care, process claims as well as control the cost of healthcare, and improve transparency by using technologies in innovative ways.

For more details, visit Oscar Health Insurance.

Health Insurance Companies

Valley Health Plan – Affordable Health Coverage

Managed and owned through The County of Santa Clara, Valley Health Plan’s purpose is to “ensure that Valley Health Plan members receive quality care and service at the right time, at the right place, by the right provider.” They provide HMO plans.

For more information, visit Valley Health Plan.

Health Insurance Companies

Western Health Advantage – Shop for Health Insurance

As a regional health insurance plan, Western Health Advantage is pleased to be a regional company. Established by a group of people in Sacramento, WHA serves families and individuals living in Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, El Dorado, Placer, Marin, Napa, and Sonoma counties. Its goal is “To offer a low-cost premium alternative to the for-profit health insurance plans as well as HMOs nationwide.

WHA provides HMO as well as Health Saving Account HMO plans.

For more information, visit WHA Insurance Advantage.

Health Insurance Companies


Medi-Cal is low-cost or free health insurance for children and adults with low incomes and resources. It is typically distinct from other Covered California plans because it is governed by the state and is offered by income requirements by the state.

For more information, visit Medi-Cal Eligibility California.

Health Insurance Companies

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Covered California Health Insurance Carriers – Health Insurance Companies

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