Cigna Health Insurance Review: Inexpensive Individual Insurance

Cigna provides medical insurance plans, Medicare programs, and dental coverage for families and individuals. If you are looking for affordable individual health insurance, Cigna is a worthwhile choice to look into. The policyholders can gain online access to their health insurance and dental plans via Cigna’s website. However, Cigna, the health insurance provider has low ratings and customer complaints.

  • Health insurance plans from Cigna and alternatives
  • Benefits of Cigna members
  • Strength of the financials and reviews from customers
Cigna Health Insurance

Health insurance plans from Cigna and choices

Cigna currently offers individuals and Medicare medical insurance policies. They also offer separate dental and vision plans. The company, however, is only able to offer the plans across 15 states.

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

Cigna health insurance for individuals

Individual health insurance from Cigna is available through your state’s healthcare insurance market. Individual policies can be purchased there if they don’t have health insurance from their employer, or through any federal or state program like Medicare and Medicaid.

Cigna currently provides four levels for individual insurance which differ in price in terms of deductibles, coinsurance benefits, and deductibles. Here is a brief overview of the metal tier plans available as well as the monthly costs for various age categories.

Metal tierPlan nameAge 21Age 40Age 60
BronzeCigna Connect 7150$268$344$730
Expanded BronzeCigna Connect 5500$286$365$775
SilverCigna Connect 2800$342$438$929
GoldCigna Connect 1000$357$456$968
Cigna Health Insurance

The average monthly health insurance premiums shown are for applicants living in Illinois.

You can only buy individual insurance plans from Cigna through the marketplace during your state’s opening enrollment period, or if qualify for an exemption that allows you to enjoy an exclusive enrollment period (SEP).

As can be seen in the chart in the graph below Cigna personal health insurance policies are among the most affordable plans available in state exchanges for all age groups, when contrasted with similar plans.

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Cigna Health Insurance

Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement

For Medicare enrollees, Cigna offers Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement policies.

Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C plans are “bundled” health insurance plans that provide full coverage that includes the hospital coverage (Part A) as well as medical insurance (Part B) and, in general, Medicare prescription drug insurance (Part D). Cigna’s Medicare Advantage plans also provide coverage for vision, dental, and prescription drugs.

Medicare Advantage policy is divided into four levels of coverage:

  • Cigna-HealthSpring True Choice (PPO)
  • Cigna-HealthSpring Preferred (HMO)
  • Cigna-HealthSpring Premium (HMO-POS)
  • Cigna-HealthSpring Advantage (HMO)

The Cigna Medicare Advantage plans are completely free However, they differ in copays and deductibles for in-network and out-of-network coverage. The amount of coverage depends on the service network -which includes HMO, PPO, or HMO-POS -and for each policy. It is recommended to carefully look over the advantages of each before deciding on the best plan.

Medicare Supplement plans A, G, N, and F are available to Medicare participants through Cigna. If you are enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan it is not possible to also buy Medicare Supplement coverage.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Unlike other supplement providers gives an individual discount on premiums. That means that if multiple people in a household enroll within the Medicare Supplement plan and are eligible for a lower monthly cost.

Cigna dental insurance

The Cigna Dental Insurance plans may be purchased with your health insurance plan or on their own. Dental insurance plans are offered in three different coverage levels. They differ in the cost of premiums as well as deductibles.

Plan nameMonthly per-person premiumPreventive careRestorative careOrthodontiaDeductible
Cigna Dental Preventive$19$0 copayNot coveredNot coveredNone
Cigna Dental 1000$30$0 copayCovered up to $1,000Not covered$50
Cigna Dental 1500$35$0 copayCovered up to $1,500Covered up to $1,000$50
Cigna Health Insurance

It is important to note this: the Cigna Dental 1500 program can be considered the only insurance plan that covers restorative treatments like crowns, root canals, and dentures. Every one of the Cigna dental plans is covered by the same networks of providers so that you don’t have to choose an additional level of a plan to access specific doctors.

Resources and benefits for members – Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna policyholders can avail of additional benefits such as an online portal as well as a mobile application. Cigna policyholders can utilize these tools to keep track of the status of their claims, access the contents of their Cigna medical IDs, and discover doctors who are in-network. Cigna enrollees are also able to enroll in recurring drug delivery. Pharmacists are available to help with queries and refill prescriptions 24 hours a day.

Cigna Health Insurance

Customer reviews and financial strength

Cigna has lower than average reviews when compared with its rivals. The majority of customers feel that the provider’s network is inadequate and that the service provided to customers is not up to par in managing claims. Its Complaint Index, measured by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is 1.04. The company has had a few more complaints than what is expected from an organization of this size.

There’s good news: Cigna is financially stable as shown on the A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating as well as Standard & Poor’s rating. Cigna is awarded the “A” rating from both firms.

Methodology: Cigna Health Insurance

Our team has collected examples of quotes for Cigna and two rivals to determine how the pricing compares. We utilized the rates on within Illinois to compare Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Celtic Insurance plans across each of the four metal grades (Bronze Silver, Gold as well as Platinum) for three individuals aged between 21 and 60.

We also collected sample rates for the dental offerings of Cigna.

To assess Cigna’s customer care, ValuePenguin considered its Complaint Index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). An increase in the Complaint Index means that the company has more complaints than normal for a company with its scale. The average for the nation is 1.0. We also assessed the financial health of our clients based on A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s ratings.

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