Belhaven University: Developing Well-Rounded Leaders through Christ-Centered Learning

Nestled in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, Belhaven University is a private Christian liberal arts university dedicated to helping students realize their full potential – academically, spiritually and personally – and discover their purpose.

Since 1883, Belhaven has committed to providing a transformative Christ-centered education that produces graduates ready to lead and make a positive difference in the world.

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Academic Excellence with a Caring Approach

Belhaven stands out with small class sizes, passionate faculty, and an intimate campus environment centered around community. Every aspect of the student experience is designed to nurture growth while pushing students to step outside their comfort zones.

Small Class Sizes

With just over 4,000 students between graduate and undergraduate programs, Belhaven keeps class sizes small. The student-faculty ratio is 16:1, meaning face time with professors who can provide personal mentoring.

Small classes, from freshman seminars to senior capstone projects, enable impactful experiential learning. Students forge close bonds with peers that encourage collaboration, accountability and mutual growth.

Dedicated Faculty

Belhaven faculty members could work in high-power jobs but choose to teach, seeing mentorship as their purpose and calling. Their industry expertise paired with care for each student’s development makes learning engaging and transformative.

Faculty interact with students outside lecture halls and teach more than just textbook content. They share life and career lessons, providing wisdom and advice.

Tight-Knit Community

Belhaven’s intimate campus facilitates community-building across campus. Students form study groups, join the same clubs and organizations year to year, and cheer on Belhaven athletic teams together.

Residence Life further connects students through activities, worship events, intramural sports and more. Bonds forged over four years create lifelong friendships and invaluable peer support systems.

Belhaven University: Developing Well-Rounded Leaders through Christ-Centered Learning

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Whole-Person Approach to Learning

A Christian worldview undergirds academics, student life and community outreach at Belhaven. The university’s whole-person approach cultivates intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth in tandem.

Christian Foundation

As a Christian university, Belhaven uses Biblical scripture as the foundation for exploring how faith intersect with fields from healthcare to computer science to arts and psychology. Students graduate spiritually anchored to better discern their purpose.

Beyond doctrinal study, Belhaven provides outlets for worship, mentorship and spiritual development. Weekly chapels, faith-based organizations, and campus ministry offer community built on shared values.

Wellness Resources

In addition to academic advising and career counseling, Belhaven invests resources into promoting holistic wellbeing. Counseling, tutoring, disability accommodation and student health programs support students facing life obstacles or charting new growth.

State-of-the-art wellness facilities also encourage healthy lifestyles through fitness classes, intramural sports and access to gym equipment.

Focus on Ethics

Weaving ethical issues into the curriculum, particularly in pre-professional programs like business and healthcare, grounds students in moral practice for their future fields. Initiatives like the Andrews Center for Family Business also promote values-driven leadership development.

Graduates enter their careers not just skilled but guided by Belhaven’s ethos of living out one’s purpose to better society.

Career-Minded Skill Building

While nurturing the whole person, Belhaven further invests in developing skills tailored to thrive in one’s career and life after college. The university continually strengthens its academic programs to meet industry demands.

Career-Focused Academics

Each program teaches transferable abilities like critical thinking while training students in field-specific tools and best practices. Experiential projects, simulations and practicums let students apply learning.

For working adults, degree programs blend online and evening courses with curricula generating immediate workplace impact based on real career experience.

Preparation for Advancement

Many programs enable students to attain certifications and licensure either concurrent with degree completion or immediately after. Graduate degrees and partnerships with top corporations, healthcare systems and elite music labels further empower advancement.

The vast alumni network opens doors to internships and careers across sectors.

Adaptability to Emerging Fields

Keep curricula nimble, Belhaven adds concentrations reflecting tech evolutions and rising areas like data sciences and digital marketing. Students gain flexibility to adapt as industries shift.

The university continually enhances career development resources from skills workshops to interview prep. Innovation Institutes even foster entrepreneurship for creating jobs and shaping markets.

Civic-Minded Learning through Service

Belhaven promotes not only personal growth but grooming change-makers committed to community impact. Volunteerism, service learning and civic programs transform social awareness into outreach.

Local Partnerships

Students assist over 50 community partners yearly through initiatives like UrbanSERVE. Meeting real neighborhood needs teaches sociocultural insight and responsible leadership. Partners include housing nonprofits, youth enrichment programs, rehabilitation centers and more.

Such collaborations enhance Belhaven’s bonds across Jackson, expanding the university’s positive influence within the diverse capital city it calls home.

Disaster Relief Efforts

When disasters strike Mississippi, student volunteers mobilize aid missions through Belhaven Disaster Relief. Joining community crews, they gut flood-damaged homes or distribute provisions after tornadoes. Service trips over school breaks help rebuild storm-devastated towns.

Global Outreach

Missions have brought Belhaven students across the Americas, Africa and Asia to construct community centers, teach children or provide medical services. These experiences foster global perspectives while allowing students to apply their developing expertise meaningfully.

Through volunteering, mentorship and continued civic engagement, Belhaven students discover purpose in uplifting others now and throughout their careers. By graduation, they are fully equipped to lead their fields while making selfless societal impact.

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