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American Collectors Insurance has been providing specialist insurance for owners of classic cars, personal collections, and classic motorcycles. A recognized leader and innovator in classic car and collectibles insurance, American Collectors policies are underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida except for policies in Minnesota that are underwritten by the American Security Insurance Company.

In addition to ensuring all types of vintage and classic cars, American Collectors also insures valuable collections including model trains and sets, autographed sports memorabilia, comic books, stamps, and guns.

Petruzelo Insurance is proud to work with American collectors insurance to help residents in Connecticut get affordable insurance coverage for classic cars, vintage motorcycles, and valuable collections.

American Collectors Insurance, a company founded by passionate collectors, takes our overall best position for collectibles insurance. The company provides policy features that exceed industry standards, such as its Inflation Guard Protection, agreed value coverage, and special policy enhancements.

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American Collectors Insurance

Pros of American Collectors Insurance

  • Founded by collectors, for collectors
  • Broad coverage
  • Inflation Guard Protection
  • Automatic coverage of new additions

Cons of American Collectors Insurance

  • Does not cover furniture, fine art, or jewelry
  • No complimentary insurance products outside of collectibles

Standard policy coverage includes theft, fires, floods, and natural disasters. Other notable policy features include:

Agreed Value Coverage:

Insures your collection for full collector value, up to policy limits, so you know exactly what your collection is insured for at the time of loss.

Inflation Guard Protection:

If you suffer a total loss of your collection, this special protection adjusts the Agreed Value of your collectibles up to 8%.

Automatic Coverage of New Additions:

Automatically covers new purchases to your collection up to $2,000 with your 30-day notice.

Collector’s Choice:

Protects items being shipped, stored outside your residence, or used for special occasions.

Special Policy Enhancements:

Such as special coverage for collectibles you use.

American collectors insurance does not offer insurance outside of the collectibles market, so there is no opportunity to combine your coverage with a homeowner’s insurance policy, for example.

Each item has a different deductible, insurance limit, and coverage so collectors can get a free quote quickly through a simple form on their website.

Once they have a quote, policyholders can apply for insurance online. An American collectors insurance agent will reach out to request more information or issue an approval.

According to Trustpilot reviews published on the American collector’s insurance website, they handle claims quickly by phone. They often don’t even ask for an appraisal if the Agreed Value Coverage is already in place.

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